September 23, 2020

Signs You Need a New Heating System

Signs You Need a New Heating System - Pro Temp Air DFW

The temperature in Fort Worth Metroplex will start to drop, and before you know it, the winter will be here. Is your heating system ready for the harsh weather conditions?

A heating tune-up or repair should be done early, knowing if your system needs a replacement or an upgrade is also necessary.  After all, you can’t afford to live in a freezing home or make a service call to install a new system in the middle of a cold night.

Know the signs that you need a new heating system through this post.

Poor Comfort

This upcoming winter, it is vital for you to have a well-functioning heating system to keep your family warm and cozy. But if your heater isn’t providing consistent heating due to frequent short cycling, then maybe it’s time to investigate. Equipment that turns on and off on its own is a clear sign that it’s near its retirement age or not appropriately sized with your home’s heating demands. Either of the scenarios requires you to replace your system.

Frequent Repairs on Parts

Are you spending big on a system that requires frequent repairs? Then maybe it’s time to think for a replacement before all the expenses add up. Purchasing a new heating system sounds more practical than paying for frequent repairs that cost almost 50% of the original unit price.

Lacks Proper Maintenance

All heating systems have their expected lifespans. The only thing that delays them from getting into the end of their service life is proper maintenance. Remember, a system that receives regular maintenance can last longer than the less maintained systems. If your heater malfunctions too often because you skip the proper care for it, then replace it. Make sure to sign up for a preventive maintenance plan for your new system.

High Heating Bills

It’s no secret that heating systems are one of the energy hogs in any household. But your heating costs can go even higher if your system doesn’t run at its most efficient state. A lot of factors can affect your equipment’s efficiency, including lack of proper maintenance, age, and more. Check with your trusted technicians if a replacement is needed.

The System is Old

Old heating systems tend to act up frequently and lose their efficiency, requiring more repairs and causing your energy bills to rise dramatically. It’s best to replace it when it’s on its last leg. So, start the winter with something fresh by welcoming a new heater in your home.

If your heater shows any of the signs mentioned above, talk with your local HVAC company for expert assessment and recommendations. You can count on us at Pro Temp Air DFW if you need heating repair or installation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Call us now to set an appointment!