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Clean Air Starts Here

Although you may not be able to see, smell or touch it, air pollution impacts the health of everyone.


PREMIERONE™ has solutions for all your indoor air quality problems.

We live and breath in a chemical soup

  • Asthmatic Attacks
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Watery Eyes
  • Coughing/Colds
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Breathing Problems
  • COVID-19
  • Chicken Pox
  • Measles
  • Many Others

Most homes are full of pollutants that can’t escape. They are locked inside and people breathe them, suffer from them and need to find a solution for them.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found indoor air is always two to five times more polluted than the worst outdoor air. You may not be able to see, smell or touch it, but air pollution is impacting the health of your family


Bioaerosols are living things: fungi (mold spores) and germs (bacteria & viruses). Pathogens are the germs that cause infectious diseases. Germs and mold spores may be allergens and cause respiratory reactions and ailments. Mold spores are probably the most common bioaerosols.


Your furnace provides a perfect environment for the growth and broadcast of bioaerosols, toxins and gases that cause unhealthy air conditions which are found in most homes.

Because your furnace is the collection point for most of the recirculated air in the building, it is the best place for installing a PREMIERONE unit.


UVC – Nature’s Method

Ultraviolet germicidal light is a trusted control method used in hospitals, water treatment facilities and food and beverage industries nationwide.

Our industry leading, high output UVC twin “H” lamp enables PREMIERONE to reproduce enough natural germicidal rays to kill germs and control allergens as they move through your air duct. It is not a chemical treatment but is deadly to the micro-organisms that spread throughout a building. It does not pose a threat to people, equipment or indoor environment.

UVV – Nature’s Remedy

Compounds react with O3 in a process similar to combustion. The reaction of an organic compound with O3 and the combustion of the same compound yield carbon dioxide and water as the main end product.

PREMIERONE MUV-403H, MUV7-50DR and MUV7-100TR whole house air purifiers don’t mask odors, they oxidize them with a controlled amount of activated oxygen. Enjoy the fresh smell of clean air afterthe odors of tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, paint, garbage, litter box, cooking and bathroom odors (plus hundreds more) are eliminated. Some of the most dangerous gases, which may be odor free, including toxins, are also oxidized. Our system produces a safe level of activated oxygen similar to the air you breathe outdoors in nature. If you prefer a non oxidizing air purifier, we offerour MUV-401H, MUV7-50PS and MUV7-100DR models.

PREMIERONE™ has solutions to all three phases of indoor air pollution.

Particulates include allergens such as pollen, dust mite dander, insect debris, tobacco smoke, mold, fungi, mildew, pet allergens and dust.

HEALTH EFFECTS include runny nose, congestion, sneezing, cough, nose or throat irritation, asthma flare-up

Bioaerosols include infectious agents such as bacteria (streptococcus, pneumococcus, legionella,tuberculosis) & viruses (influenza, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, SARS, common cold.)

HEALTH EFFECTS include bronchial infection, upperrespiratory infection, viral pneumonia, sinusitis, throat and ear infections.

VOCs include formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, toxic mold, methylene chloride, nitrogen dioxide,
pesticides, toluene, benzene.

HEALTH EFFECTS include memory loss, mild depression, lethargy, lung dysfunction, headaches, blurred vision.

Use a PremierOne PureFlo™ HP500 H.E.P.A. air cleaner or a PureFlo™ P6100 Polarized Media Air Cleaner to control particulate.

PremierOne Purflo P6100
Polarized Media Panel

  • Fits your existing filter rack
  • Easy maintenance
  • Replacement media should be replaced
  • every four months under normal conditions
  • Replacement media sold in handy
  • 3-packs (1-Year supply)
  • Lifetime Warranty

PremierOne PurfloHP500
Whole House HEPA Filter

  • Bypass system with 2-speed motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Pre-filter with carbon only needs replacing every 6 months
  • 7-Year Warranty

Use our MUV-401H germicidal air purifier,MUV7-50PS remote UV germicidal air purifier, or MUV7-100DR remote UV germicidal air purifier to control bioaerosols.

MUV-401H Germicidal Air Purifier

MUV7-50PS Germicidal Air Purifier

MUV7-100DR Germicidal Air Purifier

  • Powerful! 180 microwatt H lamps
  • Low power consumption
  • LED lamp monitor lets you know at a glance your system is working.
  • Long lasting lamps – Two-year lamp warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on electronics

Use our MUV-403H, MUV7-50DR or MUV7-100TR air purifier with odor control to control both Bioaerosols and VOCs.

MUV-403H Germicidal Air Purifier

MUV7-50DR Germicidal Air Purifier

MUV7-100TR Germicidal Air Purifier

  • Powerful! 180 microwatt H lamps
  • Low power consumption
  • LED lamp monitor lets you know at a glance your system is working.
  • Long lasting lamps – Two-year lamp warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on electronics

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