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About Cowtown Boxer Rescue

Pro Temp Air DFW is proudly involved with Cowtown Boxer Rescue

We love boxers and believe they all deserve to be placed in homes with loving, caring families. That’s why we pledge to donate $100 to Cowtown Boxer Rescue for every new HVAC system we sell.

Cowtown Boxer Rescue is a non profit organization made up of 100% volunteers. These are amazing people that care for the abused, homeless, unwanted, and sick boxers in Texas. And only because they have deep love for the breed and believe they all deserve a second chance.

They rely solely on adoptions, private donations, fundraisers and events to help fund all the medical treatments, training and all the other expenses that come with rehabilitation of boxer dogs.

Meet Our Pup, Titan

Titan was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. For the first year of his life, he was used as a stud to breed more boxers. Then, his original owner abandoned him. He was rescued by Cowtown Boxer Rescue in early 2019.

We volunteered to foster Titan. Of course, we only made it 48 hours before we called Cowtown Boxer Rescue to let them know we’d be adopting Titan into our family.

Since adopting him, Titan has been an amazing addition to the Walker family. He’s a big hugger and we give him big hugs every day, all day.

Titan’s favorite food are pup treats from Dairy Queen. His favorite activity? Running, walking, and exploring Texas with his two sisters, Bella and Ginger.

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Want to Get Involved?

Cowtown Boxer Rescue can always use extra help, whether that’s by donation, volunteering your time, or fostering or adopting a dog.