June 26, 2020

Don’t Make These Common Thermostat Mistakes This Summer

Don't Make These Common Thermostat Mistakes this Summer - Pro Temp Air DFW Blog

Most homeowners fall victim to many misconceptions about home thermostats. With a lack of knowledge, they tend to put their system into jeopardy, compromising their comfort and increasing their utility costs.

Our team at Pro Temp Air DFW will reveal the common thermostat mistakes you might be making right now, so you’ll know what to avoid. Keep reading below!

Depending Too Much On Your Cooling System

Summer is incredibly hot, but that doesn’t mean you will leave all your comfort needs to your cooling system. Many homeowners set their thermostat at a very low setting without realizing the stress it gives to their air conditioner. You can actually turn up the thermostat setting a little bit and use your ceiling fan to distribute the cool air properly. This trick won’t just reduce the stress on your A/C, but it can also lower your energy costs.

Completely Turning Off the A/C and Thermostat When No One Is At Home

You may think turning off your air conditioning unit and thermostat when leaving home can save you money. You’re actually wrong! It will just push the system to work harder at the time your home needs cooling once again. We suggest maintaining an even indoor temperature or adjust the setting while you are away to save your A/C from stress.

Turning On The Thermostat Immediately

It might seem reasonable to suddenly set your thermostat low if you have just arrived home from work. But this won’t help make you feel comfortable any quicker. It is because your thermostat holds no control over how fast your space will cool down. All it does is setting the final indoor temperature to reach your comfort level. If you do not want to waste energy, have a little patience, and wait for your unit to cool your house.

Not Replacing Your Air Filter Regularly

Dirty air filters can cost you big. It encourages your cooling system and thermostat to work harder to meet your desired indoor temperature. The extreme weather is enough to stress out your air conditioner, so don’t let a dirty filter add up to it. Stay on top of your A/C maintenance by replacing your air filter regularly and calling our pros for a complete tune-up.

Avoiding these mistakes won’t just curb your energy consumption, but also improve your home comfort. Whether you’re using a smart or programmable thermostat, you must know how to use it properly.

If you are looking for more thermostat tips or need professional A/C repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, contact us at Pro Temp Air DFW today.