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The Pro Temp Air DFW Apples to Apples Guarantee

When you are looking to have a new HVAC system installed, it is important to be confident in the company you are selecting to purchase a system from. Here at Pro Temp Air DFW we are so committed to offering you the best installation at the best price, that we offer an apples to apples guarantee for HVAC system.

What Is Our Apples to Apples Guarantee?

Pro Temp Air DFW guarantees that you will not find another exact proposal from a comparable HVAC company that offers lower pricing on an apples to apples HVAC system that meets or exceeds the warranties and features offered by Pro Temp Air DFW. If you do, we offer a 100% price match guarantee. This means that we will match the price that any other company offers on exact HVAC systems.

What Does Apples to Apples Mean?

Apples to apple comparison means that the systems are exact matches to one another. Think about it like buying a car. Obviously, the price of a compact car is not going to be the same as the price for a truck, and a Toyota is going to be a different price from a Mercedes-Benz. The System that you are comparing will be the same size, scope, spec and warranties for the apple to apple guarantee to come into play.

How is Our Apples to Apples Guarantee Beneficial to You?

Our apples to apples guarantee is beneficial to you because it helps give you peace of mind that the price that Pro Temp Air DFW is offering for an HVAC system is the lowest you will find. And if you do happen to find a lower price, we will match that price. This shows that our pricing is fair and competitive, and allows you to choose the best company for the job, Pro Temp Air DFW. You never have to worry about overpaying when you select an HVAC unit with our company. We never want price to be the reason that you do not have your HVAC system installed by Pro Temp Air DFW.